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EcoLogic Solutions, CEO Anselm Doering featured in NYCEDC’s “Make It Here” video series

EcoLogic Solutions, CEO Anselm Doering featured in NYCEDC's "Make It Here" video series

Brooklyn-based EcoLogic Solutions and CEO Anselm Doering were featured in a two-minute film produced by NYCEDC.

“10 Easy and Effective Ways to Green Clean Your Restaurant” by Anselm Doering

"10 Easy and Effective Ways to Green Clean Your Restaurant" by Anselm Doering

Coke and Pop Rocks can kill. Elvis is coming back. And green cleaning a restaurant is burdensome, expensive and less effective than the traditional toxic approach. I cringe each time I hear this. The green cleaning myth, that is. Elvis, I’m not so sure. He may indeed be alive and well and living in Las…

EcoLogic Solutions’ “Green Office” Featured on the Urban Gardener

EcoLogic Solutions' "Green Office" Featured on the Urban Gardener

Living walls made out of plants. Desks fashioned from reclaimed doors. Our “greener than green” headquarters in the Brooklyn Navy Yard gets a close-up in this segment on the Urban Gardener show. Bravo!

EcoLogic Solutions wins EPA’s highest award

April 2012 Brooklyn, NY — EcoLogic Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals and technologies for commercial users, today received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest honor — the 2012 E.P.A. Environmental Quality Award. The prestigious award is given annually to a select number of individuals, companies, and organizations that…

Radisson Grand Rapids Riverfront Hotel Announces “Green Clean Sweep”

Grand Rapids, MI (February 24, 2012) – The Radisson Grand Rapids Riverfront Hotel announced today that it has implemented a facility-wide “Green Clean Sweep” by permanently replacing traditional cleaners and sanitizers with plant-based, environmentally preferable alternatives made by leading green chemical manufacturer EcoLogic Solutions. In addition to the health and environmental benefits, the shift will…

The Greenwich Country Day School Now Using Electrolyzed Salt Water to Clean and Sanitize Facilities Thanks to State-of-the-Art Technology from EcoLogic Solutions

September 2011 Greenwich, CT – The Greenwich Country Day School today announced it has successfully installed state-of-the-art technology from EcoLogic Solutions Inc. to produce its own environmentally preferable cleaners and disinfectants using only salt, water, and small doses of quickly dissipating electricity. They are believed to be the first school in the country to use…

NY Times: A Glimpse of the Navy Yard by Anselm Doering

NY Times: A Glimpse of the Navy Yard by Anselm Doering

The EcoLogic team talks all things Navy Yard in their monthly column published on ‘The Local’ blog. This month, CEO Anselm Doering writes about how the Brooklyn Navy Yard fits into the greater Brooklyn community. From The New York Times: “It’s an ugly fence, with iron rods bowed and rusted, that stretches from Navy…

Onondaga Nation, EcoLogic Solutions Form Historical Green Business Partnership

March 2011 Brooklyn, NY – Onondaga Nation and Brooklyn-based Ecologic Solutions today announced a historic, Native American-green business partnership to boost the company’s efforts to rid workplaces of toxic cleaners and replace them with sustainable alternatives. Under the terms of the partnership, Onondaga Nation ( has agreed to become the second largest shareholder in EcoLogic…

Sustainable Business Leader EcoLogic Solutions Receives B-Corporation Certification

ELS recognized for their “green from the roots up” business model with new B-Corp Certification (Brooklyn, NY) – October 2009 – Ecologic Solutions continues to lead by example in sustainable business. ELS  was founded on a commitment to create a “pure green” cleaning business, and the new B-Corporation certification underscores its achievements and rededicates its…