EcoLogic Solutions Announces First and Only Green Seal GS-53 Certification For a Sanitizer/Disinfectant

BROOKLYN – EcoLogic Solutions (, a leading manufacturer of environmentally preferable cleaning supplies and technologies for commercial users, today announced it has received the nation’s first-ever Green Seal GS-53 certification for a sanitizer/disinfectant.


Specifically, the company earned Green Seal certification for its SANeWater offering, a product created with EcoLogic’s ground-breaking ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) technology, which electrolyzes tap water and salt to create a hypochlorous acid solution (SANeWater) for sanitizing and disinfecting.  The device also creates a sodium hydroxide solution (known as eWater) for use in automated dish-washing machines.  SANeWater – which is more than 99-percent water and non-toxic to humans and aquatic life – is effective in killing bacteria and viruses, according to independent testing.


“We are beyond thrilled, and deeply proud, to bring the first ever GS-53 Green Seal-certified sanitizer/disinfectant to market,” said EcoLogic CEO and founder Anselm Doering.  “SANeWater is a game-changer, and Green Seal is the gold standard in our industry.  Together, we’re letting commercial users know there’s a new, non-toxic option to effectively sanitize and disinfect operations.”


“Green Seal is proud to recognize EcoLogic Solutions for the leadership it has demonstrated in achieving certification for the SANeWater product,” said Arthur Weissman, President & CEO of Green Seal.  “Not only does this product derive from an innovative production process, but it is also the first in this category to be certified under our specialty cleaning products standard.”


Founded in 1989 to safeguard the health of people and the planet, Green Seal is the nation’s oldest independent non-profit providing sustainability certification for more than 375 products and service categories, everything from hotels and restaurants to paints, paper products, and cleaning chemicals.  To receive certification, products must meet rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria based on life cycle research and developed in an open, transparent, and stakeholder-involved process.


EcoLogic Solutions sells its ECA technology to a wide range of institutional users across the country, including Whole Foods Market, Amtrak, and the SAVOR food and beverage operations at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.  The company offers more than 100 other environmentally preferable cleaning products to restaurants, office buildings, schools, hotels, and other commercial users.


A certified B Corporation and the New York “Green Business of the Year,” EcoLogic Solutions also donated more than 20,000 gallons of SANeWater to New York area businesses and homes impacted by Hurricane Sandy.