Truly Sustainable Cleaning
Our definition of green means cleaning products that aren't just earth-friendly, but tough on dirt, and easy on budgets. Sustainable. Dependable. Affordable
Business Unusual
Our employees run our company. Our delivery trucks run on clean, recycled grease. Our operations are as sustainable as the products we sell.
Green Tech, Clean Tech
Our Electro-Chemical Activation Technology allows users to make their own cleaners and sanitizers on site, using only tap water, salt, and electricity. Give your green cleaning a jolt!
Extensive Product Lines. Nationwide Delivery Lines.
EcoLogic Solutions is your one-stop shop for commercial cleaning products and solutions. Anything. Anywhere.

Clean Without Compromise

When I founded EcoLogic Solutions, I made a simple promise to myself (and a pinky swear to my kids): “No compromises.”

I vowed EcoLogic Soltuions would manufacture, distribute, and sell only the most environmentally preferable commercial cleaning products and technologies available. And that our entire line would be green.

For our products to be truly sustainable, I pledged they would be more effective and more cost effective than their toxic counterparts.

I also wanted to toss “business as usual” into the compost bin and start a company with operations as sustainable as the products it sold.

Delivery trucks that run on recycled restaurant grease. Living office walls made of plants. Reclaimed office furniture.

Today, that simple promise has grown into an award winning, multi-million dollar business with headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and operations across the country.

We provide a line of more than 100 sustainable cleaning products and technologies to an all-star list of institutional users.

This includes our game-changing Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technology, equipment that allows our customers to make their own cleaners and sanitizers using only tap water, salt, and electricity. Double pinky swear.

EcoLogic Solutions. Clean Without Compromise. That’s a promise we’ll always keep.

Anselm Doering
CEO, EcoLogic Solutions

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