Sustainable Business Leader EcoLogic Solutions Receives B-Corporation Certification

ELS recognized for their “green from the roots up” business model with new B-Corp Certification

(Brooklyn, NY) – October 2009 – Ecologic Solutions continues to lead by example in sustainable business. ELS  was founded on a commitment to create a “pure green” cleaning business, and the new B-Corporation certification underscores its achievements and rededicates its efforts in the green industry. B-Corp certification is only awarded to companies who have demonstrated and institutionalized their sustainable business models. “We are proud to carry to the B-Corp certification” said CEO, Anselm Doering, “it is a powerful label that further guarantees our sustainability and transparency and it connects us with other truly sustainable business.” In receiving B-Corp certification, Ecologic Solutions joins a new class of organizations who have distinguished themselves from ‘business as usual’ operations into B class corporations – beneficial to all stakeholders, including investors, consumers, producers and the environment at large.