The Greenwich Country Day School Now Using Electrolyzed Salt Water to Clean and Sanitize Facilities Thanks to State-of-the-Art Technology from EcoLogic Solutions

September 2011

Greenwich, CT – The Greenwich Country Day School today announced it has successfully installed state-of-the-art technology from EcoLogic Solutions Inc. to produce its own environmentally preferable cleaners and disinfectants using only salt, water, and small doses of quickly dissipating electricity. They are believed to be the first school in the country to use the cutting edge technology.

“The new electrolyzed water technology is an important milestone in our continuing efforts to create as sustainable a campus as possible,” said The Greenwich Country Day School Headmaster Adam Rohdie. “This stride and our other steps toward greater sustainability represent a fundamental and long lasting enhancement in the way we operate.”

The equipment takes normal tap water, adds salt, and then passes the brine solution through low-dose electrolyzing chambers that split the liquid into a sodium hydroxide formula (eWater) for all-purpose cleaning and a hypochlorous acid mixture (SANeWater) for sanitizing and disinfecting. The school is using the electrolyzed water to replace traditional dish detergent, all purpose cleaners, and sanitizers used in the kitchen, common areas, and classrooms.

Though up to 100 times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria and harmful spores, electrolyzed water is safe and non-toxic to humans. You don’t need gloves or masks to use it. Both SANeWater and eWater eliminate potentially harmful side effects associated with toxic cleaners, including lung damaging fumes, skin burns and rashes, or other allergic reactions. After use, the compounds, which are 99% water, quickly dissociate back into their original form.

“Hats off to The Greenwich Country Day School for being the first school in the country to install electrolyzed water technology,” said Anselm Doering, CEO of EcoLogic Solutions. “Many educational institutions will follow their lead once they see it’s now possible to make classrooms even cleaner using only natural ingredients, while saving money and aiding the environment while you’re at it.”

Electrolyzed water costs less than a penny per gallon to produce. And since it’s manufactured on site, at customized rates to match demand, users experience reductions in chemical use and expense, shipping and packaging costs, water usage, waste, as well as an overall decrease in the carbon imprint. The cumulative savings are more than enough to offset the initial cost of the high-tech equipment.

Scientists have been electrolyzing water and using it for a variety of purposes for centuries. Now, thanks to recent breakthroughs in machine design and technology, commercial users can purchase self-regulating, failsafe electrolyzed water equipment that produces high volumes of carefully calibrated, all natural cleaners and disinfectants to fit individual needs.

EcoLogic Solutions recently installed electrolyzed water technology at Whole Foods Market in Manhattan. Other users include four-star hotels in Boston and Los Angeles, beverage manufacturers, and hospitals. Worldwide, Japanese sushi chefs spray SANeWater-type mixtures on raw seafood and food prep surfaces to prevent salmonella and E. coli outbreaks. European doctors use it to treat burn victims and sanitize equipment, while countries in South America and Africa rely on it to sanitize drinking water.

The Greenwich Country Day School ( is a world-renowned independent day school with approximately 875 co-educational students in nursery through the ninth grade. Founded in 1926, the school is located on 80 acres in central Greenwich and divided into the Upper, Middle, and Lower Schools, each with their own building and division head. The school stresses academic excellence as well as strong leadership skills, character, values, and sportsmanship. Virtually all graduates go on to pursue college educations.

The school’s “Green Team” is a parent and faculty committee to encourage environmental awareness and responsibility. The 55-member strong committee focuses on six areas of sustainability for the institution: Buildings and Grounds, Food, Transportation, Reduce/Re-use/Recycle, Education/Programs, and Communications. EcoLogic Solutions (, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with more than 30 other green businesses, offers customers the most environmentally friendly commercial cleaners and cleaning systems in the market today. Their clients include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Whole Foods Markets, the Statue of Liberty, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Mario Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, the Durst Organization, and NBC Universal, among many others.