The Noxious Nine: Common Chemicals to Avoid When Cleaning

Ecologic CEO Anselm Doering penned the following essay for Elephant Journal:

“It’s a tale of two labels. One side features giddy bubbles, pristine pine trees or smiling bald men like me.

But flip the cleaning product around and you’ll see entirely different symbols. Skulls, do-not-touch signs,cautionwarningdanger.

There are more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals registered for use in the United States. Most are dangerous to humans and the environment in some form. Only 400 have been properly tested for toxicity or long-term health effects.

The next time you purchase chemical cleaners for your home, and to use around your children, forget about the front label and look for the fine print on the back.

Here’s a list of common chemicals to avoid, the Noxious Nine:”

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